Everything You Need To Know About HST Housing Rebate

Everything You Need To Know About HST Housing Rebate

New homes constructed by a builder or sold by a builder or whose construction is handled by a builder are eligible for an HST rebate. The rebate is only applicable to the provincial component of Ontario’s HST. You can borrow the smallest amount of money possible to finance the property. HST rebates are available for first-time condo flippers who purchase a new condominium to occupy it as their primary residence or the principal residence of a close family. Read and know more here about the areas which the Canada revenue agency is scrutinizing.

How Does Rebate Work?
A rebate on GST or HST may be available for a purchase that does not exceed $450,000. Rebates are available to homeowners and residences acquired from builders. The rebate rates vary depending on the type of rebate. The rebate for housing acquired from builders is calculated using our calculator. If you wish to apply for the GST rebate, you must submit two documents that show the rebate amount and one that serves as your application. The rebate will be paid within six months after submitting your application, but you must submit your application by a certain date.

The rebate for a PST portion of the tax is 75 per cent of the tax bill, with a limit of $24,000. However, the PST rebate is only available if the purchase date is before April 1, 2013. The rebates are 36 per cent of the limit of $6,300 of GST tax and 18.75 per cent of the PST tax amount.

In addition, GST and PST rates are 5 per cent and 6 per cent of the total purchase price, respectively, and the rebate rate is 36 per cent on the tax amount. The GST tax amount rebate is 36 per cent of the total GST tax. If the property’s value does not exceed $200,000, the rebate rate is 50 per cent of the QST tax.

More About The HST Rebates As Per The Canada Revenue Agency
The Canada Revenue Agency is pursuing condo flippers who claimed HST rebates on new condos, even though they defaulted on their taxes. The rebate is equal to 75 per cent of the provincial portion of HST already paid for the property, up to $24,000. A person is eligible for a rebate if they sell and then repurchase the property and file the new home HST refund application or the HST rental rebate application within two years.

If you rent out your new house, you can apply for an HST or NRRP rebate within 30 days of closing on your new house or condominium. First-time home-buyers in Ontario are eligible for a tax rebate. The maximum allowable land transfer tax rebate will quadruple to $4,000 on January 1, 2017, from $1,000 now. But new home buyers in Ontario are entitled to a rebate for the HST paid on their new home or condominium. However, they must submit the form to the vendor before receiving the rebate or be subject to financial fines.

Summing It Up
Finally, when you buy a newly constructed or heavily renovated home, you may qualify for a rebate of the federal portion of the sales tax. But if you purchase a home situated on land that has been purchased for more than 20 years, the HST rebates are available for new homes built on them, even if the buyer does not own the land.

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