Mobile slots are slowly gaining traction, mainly because of how accessible they have made gambling. You can now gamble through the comfort of your mobile phone without needing a dedicated casino or even a desktop computer system. We are here to answer the question of whether mobile slots can be played for free or not:

The simple answer is yes: mobile slots can be played for free. The longer answer is a little more complex than that. We have compiled a list of reasons that can help understand if and how mobile slots can be free for players:

Mobile slots need no physical medium:

One of the reasons why slots are paid is because they are played on a physical machine that needs to be thoroughly maintained. But if you were to play on a platform that you already own, this changes things. By coding a little, any casino master can craft up a mobile slot machine that can work just like a real casino slot machine. 

Free versions mean no winning:

Almost all free versions of mobile slots mean that the player does not win anything real. This is because they are gambling nothing. To ensure that the sense of danger is real, casino masters sometimes introduce virtual currency like fruits that can be bought for real money. This works just like how it would work in real life, except that the users are given a little virtual currency for free on their first try, to make them get used to the game. 

Free versions mean no winning:
Free versions mean no winning

Various available platforms:

Mobile slots can be played for free on various platforms like:

  • JAVA
  • Android
  • iOS
  • BlackBerry OS
  • Nokia (Symbian OS)

In case your device does not fall in any of these platforms but does support HTML5 based browsers, there is a great chance that you will be able to play browser-based mobile slots. Because of so many platforms, free mobile slots are naturally available. You can find a lot of them on

Risk involved:

Because online gambling is something of a newer and less-open grey area for gamblers, it is shadier than physical gambling. As such, not many players want to invest a lot of their time or resources into such a shady platform.

They try their best to avoid such a suspicious platform. To attract such customers, mobile slot owners try to give them some sort of benefit. This benefit is oftentimes known as a ‘Welcome Bonus’ which contains some credits that these gamblers can use to play mobile slots for free. When they get used to it, they will eventually start using real-life money to play these games. 

Final Thoughts:

We can safely say that there are both free and paid mobile slots. Depending on the platform you land on, and the developer behind that mobile slot, you can find and play mobile slots for either free or by depositing a certain amount of money beforehand.